Homestay @ Pengkalan Batu Melaka

We are located in Kampong Pengkalan Batu, which is 6km from town and 6km from Air Keroh. We have various types of houses for those who wish to stay in Melaka and yet staying away from the noisy and busy town.

Our homestay is ideally located in a 'tourist marked' village where you can find beautiful traditional malay houses and awesome landscape.  This village has won many awards organized by goverment agencies, at state and national level.

Our homestay offers choice from studio unit, to house with 2 bedrooms; with air-conditioner or without, with free wifi or without, any many other options.

Call us to find more.

Our group of homestay consists of:

1. Homestay Kak Tini

2. Homestay Epi

3. Homestay Jantan

4. Homestay Kak Yah

5. Homestay Kak Loh

About Us

Homestay in a village.

Contact Us

Call only from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
We practise first come first serve. A minimal downpayment is required to secure your reservations.

  • 5749C, Kampong Pengkalan Batu
    Bukit Sebukor